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We will help you make the right decision on where to build; Perth is a rapidly growning city and is becoming home to many new Western Australians from Inter-State and Overseas and just like all the people born here you need to make the right decision on where to build your new investment. With our local knowledge and access to quality new land sub-divisions we can make selecting your perfect block very easy.
  • Help you to locate the best block of land that suits your requirements.
  • Recommend for your consideration suburbs with proven capital growth.
  • Work with you so that the package meets your overall budget.
  • Advise you on blocks of land that may incur site costs outside the norm (avoid additional unnecessary costs).
  • Recommend blocks of land that with the right floor plan selection deliver good solar passie outcomes (if you are a bit green we are keen to help).
Advancing your future financial position by owning some real estate for yourself has a proven track record. You would only have to go back 100 years in any major city anywhere in the World to see that land has always delivered steady reliable capital growth to those who are prepared to invest for the medium to long term. You should go into property ownership with a medium to long term view and this will guarantee financial success for you and your family.

Real estate has over hundreds of years proven to be one of the finest ways to make money and improve your life, adding stability for your and your family, whilst increasing in value.

Investing in your own home will also create other opportunities down the track. You might be wondering how members of yoru family, friends and neighbours are able to buy an investment home and in some cases two or three investment homes. You will find that it is fairly simple to do once you have a home of your own increasing in value, you will also find this didn't happen for them overnight. In most cases they will have owned their own home for 7 to 10 years but the capital growth of their main residence will allow them to purchase an investment home or two. This can also greatly reduce their personal income tax commitments whilst giving them other bricks and mortar investments which will also increase in value at the same rate as their own residence.

All you have to do is make a commitment, get started and invest for the medium to long term, 7 to 10 years is considered by most tax accountants as appropriate.

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